Key note lezing Catherine Hall

Deze befaamde Britse historica heeft u vast al een aantal keer voorbij zien komen, de key note spreker Catherine Hall. We zijn verheugd vast een tipje van de sluier te kunnen oplichten over haar lezing op donderdagavond 22 augustus om 20:00 uur.

Men, women and slavery

This lecture will utilise eighteenth-century materials from England and Jamaica to focus on the importance of an intersectional approach, and particularly a gendered perspective, when thinking about the slavery business in its many dimensions.  Merchants, traders, slave-owners, planters and the enslaved were all enmeshed in gendered formations. While much attention has been paid to the centrality of slavery to the development of racial thinking,  much less work has been devoted to the ongoing significance of the gender and class dynamics of these relations. Yet all were constitutive of the modern world. When considering the legacies of slavery in contemporary societies all aspects of what it has meant to be human demand our thought.

Catherine Hall is Emerita Professor of History and Chair of the Centre for the Study of British Slave-ownership at University College London. Family Fortunes. Men and Women of the English middle class, 1780-1850 (1987/2002) was co-authored with Leonore Davidoff. Her recent work has focused on the relation between Britain and its empire: Civilising Subjects (2002), Macaulay and Son (2012) and Hall et al, Legacies of British Slave-ownership (2014). Between 2009-2015 she was the Principal Investigator on the ESRC/AHRC project ‘Legacies of British Slave-ownership’ which seeks to put slavery back into British history.