Bekendmaking keynote-spreker: Carl Nightingale

De eerste keynote-spreker van de Historicidagen 2021 is bekend: Carl Nightingale! Nightingale is hoogleraar op het snijpunt van stads- en wereldgeschiedenis aan de Universiteit van Buffalo. Hij is vooral bekend door zijn boek Segregation. A Global History of Divided Cities, dat in 2012 de Jerry Bentley-prijs voor wereldgeschiedenis kreeg. Zijn onderzoek richt zich op de geschiedenis van rassensegregatie in steden van de Oudheid tot het heden. Nightingale zal de keynote op de donderdagavond (26 augustus) van de Historicidagen verzorgen.

Carl Nightingale

Nightingale: ‘Historians’ growing determination to write history beyond borders is especially important to my own field of urban history. Researchers on cities are naturally drawn by centripetal forces into the delicious minutiae of urban history, and that has been of great benefit to us all. Yet historians of cities have an equal and opposite responsibility, to tell us how it was that such relatively small and turbulent spaces made the largest and longest realms of human action, habitat, and impact possible. As we contemplate existential crises such as the fragility of democracy, Covid-19, and atmospheric overheating, we need guidance, among other things, from a truly global urban history.’