Get to know the team: Roosa Heikura

Zonder een gemotiveerd team geen Historicidagen. Daarom laten we op de website met enige regelmaat teamleden van de organisatie aan het woord om zichzelf voor te stellen. De aftrap wordt verricht door Roosa Heikura, masterstudent aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR) afkomstig uit Finland, en de komende maanden actief als stagiaire voor de organisatie van de Historicidagen 2021. 

Roosa Heikura

‘My name is Roosa Heikura and I come from Finland. Currently I am studying Global History and International Relations at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and I hope to earn my Master’s degree by the summer of 2021. My background is in History as I recently graduated from Utrecht University in the summer of 2020 with my specialization being European history and International Relations. Currently I am working on my Master’s thesis with a focus on contested Confederate monuments in the United States, and the memory- and identity-politics associated with them.

As a part of my studies, I am able to conduct a research internship at the KNHG as a part of the organizational team for the Historians’ Days of 2021. As an international student, my specific focus will be on attracting international scholars located in the Netherlands and areas close by, such as in Belgium or Germany, to the event, both as participants and as speakers. Additionally, again with an international focus, I will be promoting the Historians’ Days on various social media handles as well as answering possible questions regarding the event. I am excited to be a part of organizing such an innovative event and I hope to gain a lot of useful practical skills and work experience during my internship, and to further prepare myself for my future career.’